Note: I’m currently not available for giving talks.

Technical Talks and Workshops

The future of networking APIs (23. September 2018)
Introduction the TAPS (Transport Services) abstraction of different transport protocols, so applications can provide high-level requirements instead of having to pick a particular protocol. Given at “All Systems Go” conference 2018. The recording is available.

Which network to use when - Socket Intents (22. October 2017) Introducing my research on Socket Intents to the Linux user-space systems community by giving this talk at the “All Systems Go” conference 2017. The recording is available.

WLAN-Kapazitätsplanung (WLAN capacity planning) (6. April 2017)
joint talk with Steven Karch, given at the Flarp Sysadmin meetup in Berlin

Networking Basics - How does my computer connect to the Internet? (26. June 2016) Hands-on workshop on command line tools to explore basic networking. Given at xHain hack+makespace in Berlin. Given again on 20. October 2018 at Radical Networks conference in Berlin and at the Chaos Communication Camp 2019.

Non-Technical Talks and Workshops

Diskriminierung gegen Bi/Pan (Discrimination against Bi/Pan) (8. April 2017 and 13. July 2016)
Presentation about the discrimination that bisexual, pansexual, bi/pan-romantic and other non-monosexual people face. See also this post on my personal blog.

“Die will doch nur Aufmerksamkeit“ — Wo Bi/Pan-Feindlichkeit und Misogynie sich überschneiden (“She only wants attention” - Where Bi/Pan hostility and Misogyny intersect) (15. June 2018)
Lecture at the University of Frankfurt as part of “Queergehört!”, a queer lecture series (in German). Additionally I wrote this article on my personal blog (in German) about the same topic.

“Die will doch nur Aufmerkamkeit” - Über Bi/Pan-Feindlichkeit und Sexismus (14. Dezember 2019)
Talk on the intersection of bi/pan discrimination and sexism at Queer_B, a queer event in Braunschweig. Similar content as the previous one, but less academic language.