My name is Reese Enghardt and I’m an Internet researcher and engineer.

I am contributing to improving the security, stability, and performance of the Internet.

In my Ph.D. research, my focus has been on designing and implementing networked systems on hosts and on evaluating their performance. In this research, which I mostly carried out at Technische Universität Berlin, I built a software prototype to utilize multiple access networks to improve application performance. In this project, called Informed Access Network Selection, I evaluated our prototype on a testbed for Web browsing and HTTP Adaptive Streaming, see my research. Towards the end of my time in academia, I was closely collaborating with, and, for a few months, contracting for, Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken.

After my Ph.D., I decided to move from academia to industry, as I wanted to learn more about how large-scale networks work in practice. Right now, I’m conducting research on transport protocols at Netflix.

While so far my has been on the transport layer, I am interested in a wide range of protocols, including QUIC and multipath transport protocols, but also TLS, IPv6, and the DNS. I’d also like to learn more about Interdomain Routing (BGP). I am generally interested in most Internet measurement research.